This blog is named "Love in all we do" because of a brilliant quote I found in 2010. Since then, I cannot find the quotation or who stated the lovely words. In short, and without the eloquence of the verbiage, it challenges us not only to speak and act with love, but to have every underlying thought be measured with love first. It is what I endeavor to do each day. Today I will speak strong, unloving words to defend someone without a voice.

This brings me to cutting family members out of my life today. At my niece's birth yesterday (born at 7:33 AM), someone I'll name Retardo stated at 8:30 AM, TWICE, that with one word from his son, he would "get rid of" the baby girl. NO ONE LAUGHED. Wow...just wow. The baby's mother said nothing. She didn't defend her own baby. Pathetic! Can we say e-n-a-b-l-e-r?

Because I do not find it funny, acceptable, appropriate for someone to joke about "getting rid of" an already born baby, I am the bad guy. I'm rude for not accepting someone for who he is. I'm too sensitive for not being able to take a 'joke'.

My heart goes out to all the parents who have lost a child and would never dream of making such an inane comment. My heart goes out to all the little girls whose fathers resent the fact that they didn't have a son instead. Some people have zero gratitude. Some people are so disgustingly entitled and full of shit.