These wild, pearlescent flowers have the scent of light, fresh melon juices. They are resilient: they love fire scorched earth and a torn sprig will still thrive and bloom in a cup of water.

Raro Day Six (30.03.18): Mamas

My mum asked months ago if I wanted the thorny, overgrown Bougainvillea cut down. I said, "Oh, please don't! It's one of my favourites!" So she left it alone and it gave another favourite--Gloriosa Lily vines--a place to climb. It was wonderful "communing" with the land with these beauties looking over us.

On one of the days that the sun was INTENSE, the boys went exploring among the low tide. L's mama and I tirelessly searched for the Queen's Representative geocache so the boys wouldn't be disappointed with another-too-hard-to-find-without-a-GPS geocache. After a thorough search we gave up and kept silent about it.